About Clare Sente

I have enjoyed twenty years as a dietitian, health educator, and corporate wellness consultant. Growing up in a family that encouraged healthy eating and physical activity, it felt natural to study nutrition and teach others how to eat better. My world changed when my oldest sister was killed in a car accident my senior year in college. I was in graduate school during my grieving/healing process and discovered that even though I continued to eat well and exercise, I often felt bad and would get sick. This experience expanded my focus on health to include the mind, body, and spirit.

The seven principles I outline in my book, Finding My Marbles, originated after my participation in a health coach training program where I learned to slow down and practice mindfulness. I escaped my own “joyless zone” in the years after my divorce in 2000 and left behind a pattern that included minimizing my talents and doubting my decisions. Discovering and listening to my intuition has been my greatest gift and I am inspired daily to help others develop and listen to their own intuition.

Reaching holistic wellness involves more than just eating right and exercise. We need to take the time to discover our talents & passions, and creatively align our lives around sharing our unique gifts. Then and only then, the effort we spend on eating the right foods, exercising our bodies, being mindful, nurturing relationships, getting enough sleep, etc., will result in healthy, vibrant and empowered human beings who can make the positive changes this world so desperately needs.

“It is never too late to become the person you have always wanted to be.”

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