“Being vs. Doing”

Being vs. Doing
Many of us have heard or believe that the best way to achieve something we really want is to go after it through action and hard work (“doing”). What I have found interesting is that for many of my clients the “doing” has been an effective strategy resulting in impressive career advancement. However, in the area of weight loss, these same efforts and determination can result in feelings of frustration and failure.

In my 20 years of nutrition and wellness counseling, I’ve discovered that for some individuals, negative thoughts and feelings going on inside their heads can sabotage their actions. So, through trial and error, I have found that there needs to be a balance between the “doing” and the “being” (being = thoughts and feelings going on inside you).
According to the Law of Attraction, it is far more effective to get yourself in the right state of mind (“being”) to attract what you want than to achieve what your heart desires through pure action (“doing”). Scientists say we have 80,000 thoughts per day, mostly negative. Those are too many thoughts to keep conscious track of during the day. A better way is to pay attention to how you feel during the day. If your thoughts are mostly negative, you feel bad. If your thoughts are mostly positive, you feel good. There is nothing that will respond faster to your thoughts than your physical body (positive or negative).

A very powerful way of attracting what you want is to find ways to feel better. Tell yourself a different story about your situation…one that is how you want the situation to be, not how it is currently unfolding (takes imagination/visualization). Plenty of scientific studies prove that the mind doesn’t know the difference between something actually happening vs. the thought of it happening by the brain. This can work to your advantage or disadvantage. Gold medal athletes and other successful individuals swear by the power of visualization to have their mind and body experience “success” (whatever is your definition) before it actually happens, through the power of visualizing the outcome in their mind’s eye/imagination.

This is an important reason that I now include Thai Bodywork and other visualization exercises in my wellness sessions with clients. You can’t help but feel calm and happy after you receive good bodywork and breathe properly. This is the best time for my clients to clarify what they really want to achieve and for them to practice visualizing how that success actually looks and “feels”.

If you struggle with achieving a healthy, fit body, you can begin doing this today. Start by discovering how you can get yourself feeling good; watch a funny movie or TV episode, put on some favorite music and dance, get a massage, take your dog for a walk, call a close friend, etc. Next, find a comfortable place to sit without distractions and close your eyes. Imagine how being fit feels and looks. What are you wearing? Who are you with?

Create a scenario in your mind where you are interacting with family or friends and you look and feel great. If you are inclined, open your eyes and journal a few sentences about the scenario you just created. Start paying attention to images that catch your attention in magazines or on the Internet that resonate with the feeling you have created in your head. These are ways to keep that imagery around you. Now, when you do take positive action such as eating more vegetables, hiring a personal trainer, or beginning yoga, you have already primed the pump in your favor by imagining how that healthier body of yours is going to look and feel when you have reached your goal.

Best wishes.

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