My 2014 Journey

Hello. Thank you for checking out my website Clarity Living. 2014 is going to be a Big year for me……I can feel it. A lot of different things are coming together this year. I will be celebrating my third year as a Certified Thai Bodyworker in July and had planned to go to Thailand in the fall to study for 3 weeks. I just love doing Thai massage and my clients tell me my passion shows. I was born to give healing massages. How do I know? I am happiest when I give massages. It feels like 2 hours of meditating for me (my typical client requests a 2 hour massage) and my clients leave happy, more relaxed and more flexible than when they arrived.

I have been a registered dietitian for 21 years and graduated over 20 years ago with both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree in nutrition. While I enjoy learning how foods help people heal and stay healthy, I have not loved the weight loss side of being a dietitian. Over the years, I’ve seen the average American gain weight and eat worse, not better. Maybe I took this negative trend as a personal failure. Or maybe I intuitively knew that poor eating habits and little exercise were not the only things contributing to why my clients were unhealthy and unhappy. Whatever the reason, I slowly drifted away from a weight loss focus and gravitated towards integrated corporate wellness programs. In 2001, I took up health coaching through a Mindful Health Coach® program and personally discovered what being “mindful” was. This however is a lifelong journey.

The mixture of learning about being fully present (mindfulness) and intuition (Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Blink” and Sonia Choquette’s many books) changed the trajectory of my professional life. I gave myself permission to listen to, trust, and follow my intuition rather than use rational thinking alone. That was scary at first because I grew up in a family where intellect was admired and promoted. We were asked, “What do you think?” not “What do you feel?”. The more I listened to my intuition the better my life got. In October 2006, I started Clarity Living and have worked for myself.

This year (after listening to my intuition in 2013) I have decided to do two things: 1. go back to my roots as a dietitian/health educator and write more about nutrition and healthy lifestyles. 2. go back to school to become a licensed massage therapist “LMT”. While I can work in Illinois doing Thai massage, I cannot offer other types of massage without a LMT license (like Lomi lomi, or Swedish massage). My blogs in 2014 will allow me to share my thoughts about intuition, mind/body health, nutrition, meditation, and spirituality. I know I am going to have my best year to date and my intention is that my writings and my services will help you to have your best year as well. Through the law of attraction, the right clients will resonate with my writing and working together with me will “feel” right to them.

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