Chakra Massage Training In Palm Springs

I just came back from a great trip to California to get certified in Chakra bodywork. Chakra’s are energy centers in the body (Eastern medicine) that can affect your health when they are out of balance. There are accupressure points on the body that can be activated through gentle massage to help get the energy (“chi” or lifeforce) moving. This information went really well with the Thai Bodywork I’ve learned so far. Many of these special points (called “Marma” points) overlap what I am already doing for Thai bodywork, because the Thai people also believe that illness stems from a blockage of energy flowing through the body. Thai bodywork helps release this energy block, so that the body can naturally heal itself. We begin with an intake session to gain insight where a chakra(s) might be blocked. This may have nothing to do with where you are experiencing muscle soreness/tightness that you want addressed in your massage….or it may be exactly where your physical pain exists.

This is just another way to combine complimentary modalities and take the best from both Eastern & Western medicine to help you look and feel fantastic. Happy to talk more about this specialized bodywork on an individualized basis.

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